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“Sketch 3”

I spent the late nights of last month working together with the team at Bohemian Coding to produce this video for Sketch 3— the latest and greatest visual design app for the Mac.

An honor, it has been, working with the team, and I’ve been incredibly humbled by the response given about the video. In fact, it’s already been featured on some top-content news sites like 9to5 Mac, the blog of New York Times’ graphic designer Khoi Vinh, and even my all-time favorite app blog, Beautiful Pixels.

“Don’t get it right, get it written.
Write for acceptance.
Don’t make it too difficult.
First say what you’re going to say, then say it, then say what you’ve said.”

Alf Rehn — Quick & Dirty, The Scholar’s Progress.

“Forest Spirit”

My Neighbor Totoro, Miyazaki’s most memorable classic, was the sole reason I became a Studio Ghibli-fanatic. I tried to recreate the look and feel of the character, yet at the same time, make it look almost like a nice vinyl Japanese-style toy collectible.

Check out the rest of the Studio Ghibli collection!

Designing in the Borderlands

Frank Chimero — was invited to speak at Harvard, and talks about trans-media design:

We’ve spent the better part of the last two decades digitizing elements of the physical world, but it’s important to remember things can go both ways. We’re aware that digitizing print makes information indexable, searchable, networked, and hyperlinkable, but we too often forget that pulling digital data out of the computer has its benefits too.

Read through his inspiring transcript on his beautifully-done mini-site.

This inspiring kinetic type video by Daniel Sax pulls an interview with Ira Glass on ‘minding the gap’— the bridge between knowing what great work is like, the disappointment that comes with inability, and eventually creating something that is truly worth it.

Scientifically Inaccurate Big Bang Theory

A few weeks ago, Wired Magazine published a write-up on why The Big Bang Theory is one of the worst-written TV shows ever.

And I definitely agree— no self-respecting science fan should or would ever watch the show: hazy dialogue, dull characters and even a ‘trademarked’ catchphrase that makes no sense. And honestly, it isn’t funny.

Well, at least ‘Bazinga!' isn't as bad as the highly inaccurate, incredibly implausible science that orders its never-understanding audience to laugh on cue alongside its recorded, foley laughter.

That show deserves to be a failure, yet unfortunately its general illiterate viewers outnumber the rare few that ridicule its idiocy. Meanwhile, I’ll just stick to the prose, true-to-life, well-written and unfortunately-ending comedy show, How I Met Your Mother.

“The sound of a small bell during a dark night is louder than the din of traffic outside your window during rush hour—surprise and differentiation have far more impact than noise does.”

Seth Godin


I may not be an interior designer, but I know one thing for sure: the classic brownstone apartment plus a tasteful modern furnish always makes for a great place to live in.

Check out the Fast Company Design article on the best of Brooklyn’s Architecture.

Happy Birthday, Mac.

30 years ago today, Apple released the Macintosh, setting to change the standard to the consumer computing we know today. I’m lucky enough to have been a proud Mac owner for the past 10 years, and still lucky, for the years that will come.

Oh, and the front page along with the mini-site Apple put up is quite nicely designed, too.

Visiting Vietnam

What’s your most recent adventure? To further delve deep: what do you think defines an adventure? If anything, I’d like to argue and point out that an adventure shouldn’t be defined as a trip filled with personal illusions of grandeur— the epicness of a climb through the Himalayas, or a deep sea dive into the Marianas— no.

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